Brand new features


Beautiful embroidery, tranquil, sexy, anti-ageing and the return to the girlhood.
It is a breathable bra with patented permeable cotton that is not only comfortable and breathable but also protects the skin and allows the breasts to breathe freely. The cup design adopts the nano-tech patent and from the high-quality cloth selection to the high-tech aircraft adoption, it has the function of self-repair, anti-ageing, an aerobic antibacterial effect and promotes skin collagen proliferation.

Aesthetic embroidery


Sakura bra features beautiful designed undergarments that incorporate a simple yet elegant flower embroidery on an exquisite mesh covered cup surface. Its unique design can reflect women’s charm through the rich visual experience, sexy, graceful and full of feminine noble temperament. Sakura bra exemplifies the elegance of women and immerses your figure in a sexy and romantic atmosphere. The butterfly-shaped lower position matched with beautiful flowers, not only compliments but emphasizes feminine features. The push-up bra exudes the unique charm of women and creates a visual focus. These soft and gentle undergarments have a perfect combination of comfort, fashion and sexy design.

Sponge Meterial


The exclusive custom “water-permeable cotton”, also known as “breathing cotton”, was created using new scientific research techniques and highest quality imported raw materials. Through repeated test and experience, a breakthrough was made in the air permeability of traditional sponges and the structural strength of straight cotton. Given the combined advantages of both, a new type of material was developed, which is lighter, more breathable, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.
The new cotton has excellent water permeability, and the water can be straight through the sponge. It is a more breathable sponge that has become an indispensable material which guarantees high quality. Additionally, you can feel the flow of the air and its breathability through the sponge of the bra.


3D cutting handicraft

Get healthier, fitting bra

Princess Secret hopes to provide a better and healthier choice for local women in PEI.