Soft Luxury

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Brand new features


The High-end bra is based on “comfort” and is healthy. The skin cotton is soft and comfortable, allowing the skin to breathe freely; achieving a non-naked nude wearing experience; becoming your healthiest twenty-four-hour “chest” partner.

Thus, It is called “sleep bra.” It is a good partner for women during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and lactation.

Shell Fabric


The material uses high needle number weaving machine, selects imported ultra-fine round nylon yarn fiber. Our fabric uses special grinding technology to highlight the richness of fabric suede and extremely comfortable hand feeling, which giving a new skin-friendly experience. Compared with the older models, the material of our product greatly reduces the risk of pilling, soft and comfortable, smooth, no cotton cumbersome fluff. It is giving a gentle soft cotton touch, bringing light and comfortable expression.

Sponge Materia


The use of skin-friendly cotton, also known as skin cotton, which is made of the highest quality imported raw materials combined with foreign invention technology. After years of research and innovation, a new healthy and environmentally friendly material has been applied to our product. The main function of the Material is “comfort”. As soft as you “second skin”. A perfect fit between the cup and the chest is achieved. Allow you always be in the most comfortable state, truly achieve the “O” pressure and “O” distance. The “O” burden is like your second skin, comfortable and delicate skin. Because of comfortable and natural, your skin can breathe freely and become your healthiest 24-hour “chest” partner. It is called “sleep bra” and it is truly healthy and comfortable, creating the most rimless steel ring./span>


Ultrasonic bra, the edge of the cup is not covered with a wire.

Get healthier, fitting bra

Princess Secret hopes to provide a better and healthier choice for local women in PEI.