Brand new features


Breathing Bra is very good for ventilation, gathering and adjustment. The proportion of the back is heightened, the sides are widened, and the four rows are four buckles. This design conforms to the aesthetics of the human body and adjusts and shapes the chest shape.

At the same time, it is extremely important and exquisite in the selection of accessories, such as the small sponge material to the shoulder strap. The cup is designed according to the size of the cup type CUP. Corresponding thickness, creating a humanized design, 360-degree care for the health and beauty of customers.

Shell Fabric


This is a patented fabric. The material adopts high needle number weaving machine and selects imported ultra-fine round nylon yarn. At the same time, we use a special patented woven structure to reveal the understated luxury of the fabric and the delicate and smooth texture. Compared with the older models, the gloss of the fabric is much improved, the fabric is lighter and the hand feels more delicate and smooth.

Sponge Materia


We use exclusive custom-made pure imported sponge “water-permeable cotton”, also known as “breathing cotton”. This cotton uses the highest quality imported raw materials. With the repeated testing of new scientific research techniques, a new type of material has been developed, which is not strong enough to change the ventilation of conventional sponges and the structural strength of upright cotton. Therefore, our sponges are lighter, more breathable, more skin-friendly and more environmentally friendly. The water permeability of this cotton is good, and the water can be pressed straight through the sponge. In addition, the sponge is more breathable and can breathe through the sponge. It is a veritable “breathing” sponge, which is an indispensable quality material for future underwear. In addition, if the bra is placed at the nostril for breathing, the flow of the outside air can be felt freely.


Ultrasonic bra, the edge of the cup is not covered with a wire.

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