How to choose bra according to different chest types?

How to choose bra according to different chest types?

This problem is plagued by many women, especially young women, who have encountered various problems in primary underwear. Today we will introduce you how to choose underwear.

  1. How to choose bra for flat, diffuse, and spilled chest,

There are many reasons for the above chest shape. Except to the innate factors, the habit of wearing a bra in daily life is also related. Some women do not wear a bra in winter, which causes no support on your chest, causing the breasts to swim freely, resulting in chest overflow. Women has this kind of chest type can choose our Breathing Design Bra, which has the function of fine-tuning and gathering to help women improve chest shape.

  1. How to choose underwear for sagging chest type

There are many reasons for sagging breasts, especially after the breastfeeding period. In this case, you should first choose a bra of the right size, and try to use a bra with no steel ring and side reinforcement to make it stronger and support from bottom to top. For women with this type of chest, we recommend wearing high-end design bra. This bra is very suitable for breastfeeding mom, not only relieves the sagging chest shape, prevents the sagging of the chest, but also the fabric of the High-end Design Bra is soft and suitable for pregnant women during lactation

  1. How do choose bra for small chest girls?

Most of the small chest is formed by congenital factors, but it can be compensated with a functional bra. You should usually pay attention to whether you wear it properly. Don’t think that your chest is too small to wear a bra. Our Breathing Design Bra has outstanding function in push-up, and which is the gospel of small breast girls!

  1. How do choose bra for plump chest type?

For the advice of plump women, it is best not to choose a bra with a cushion. Bras are best to choose a full-cup underwear without a sponge, which is conducive to the shape of the breast. As a new size underwear produced by KINVIE, the Queen Design Bra is highly regarded by plump chest. Regardless the color, fabric, and details are become welcome by plump women.

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