What are the differences between steel rings and non-steel rings?

What are the differences between steel rings and non-steel rings?

“No under wire bra” has appeared since 2013. The field of no under wire bra has quickly warmed up in 2015-2016. With zero bondage, no trace of comfort, no pressure, and steady rooted in the hearts of female consumers. Thus, what are the differences between rim underwear and rimless underwear?

The material of no under wire bra: no under wire bra is a molding process. The entire cup is smoother and there is no problem with pressing the breasts and breasts.

Wear comfort: Although the bra without the rim is not as good as the underwear of the soft steel ring, but it is very comfortable. Since there is no under wire, it does not compress the breasts, and there is no sense of restraint.

Chest health: no under wire bra is looser than bra with under wire, and will not be pressed to the chest. Therefore, for the aspect of chest health.

Chest Qualitative: No under wire bra is more comfortable to wear, such as KINVIE brand’s rimless bra also has a fine-tuning function, which makes a good adjustment to the external expansion and sagging chest! Loved by the majority of women!

Bra with under wire

Steel ring material: soft wire bra is made of titanium alloy soft steel ring. However, many women are troubled by wires, such as body marks.

Wear comfort: Soft wire bra has a good support for the full chest, but inevitably causes slight damage and trouble to the female body.

Chest health: The soft wire bra adopts the classic chicken heart cup type, which is concentrated on the chest and the inner side of the cup, which can enhance the stability of the chest and prevent sagging. The biggest role of soft wire bra is to support and stabilize. The downside is that it is uncomfortable to wear.

Chest Qualitative: The biggest role of soft wire bra is fixed and not easy to shift. For women with plump chest, it can avoid breast shape problems such as sagging, external expansion, and slack in the chest.

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