There are several signals to inform you that you should change your bra.

There are several signals to inform you that you should change your bra.

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Bra is a close-fitting clothing that protects a woman’s breasts, and the timely replacement of bra links closely to breast’s health. The frequency of replacement of bra directly affects the health of women’s chest.
Many women are not aware of the frequency of bra replacement. Princess secret reminds you that when the following four signals appear, no matter how long you wore your bra, it is time for you to change them.
How often does a woman change her bra? It depends on four conditions:
1. The cup often moves up
If you find that your cup is always running up, it may be that your bra’s bust is too loose. When this happens, it is generally due to the wrong size selection when buying a bra. The breast cup is too shallow and can only float on your chest like a plate. So when you raise your hand or kneel down, the bra will naturally move up

2, There is an indentation in the chest or back
If you find a red mark around the breast or back or feel painful after uniting your bra, you should be alert, the bra you wore cannot be suitable for you. If you find a noticeable wire mark on your chest, it means that the cup you chose is a bit small. This is because our wire is like a frame, which is normally suitable for the chest contour and then gives the chest a support. If the bra you chose was too small, these wire will be pressed against our chests, and the fat in the chest will be squeezed out, causing changes in the breast, affecting the chest shape and even causing breast disease.

3, the shoulder strap often slides
If the bra be worn for too long, the fabric was worn out, and the shoulder strap would be naturally loose. As each of us has a different shoulder shape, we should choose different bra styles that suit us. In this case, people should pay special attention to the shoulder strap design of bra, try to choose the inward-type shoulder strap so that the shoulder strap does not slip easily.

4,Too much Bra cup space or the bra pressed the breast

Too much bra cup space indicates that the bra cup you selected was too big. The chest compression means that the cup you selected was too small. Both cases indicated that the bra is not suitable for you.

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